First Year +1

Year 1 of the 5-year course / Bachelor’s in Global Management

Year 1 of the 5-year course  


  • Lessons from Monday to Friday, from September to late April, followed by a placement.
  • This programme is intended for candidates who have completed the baccalaureate.

Objectives of this year of study

  • Preparing for general management responsibilities
  • Learning to think and act correctly and “doing the right thing right”
  • Developing leadership 
  • Acquiring key entrepreneurial skills that will be continued in the Post-graduate Diploma year

The programme is extremely rigorous from the first year, requiring students to make a full commitment to their studies from the outset.Students are expected to be diligent and punctual, participate actively, conduct regular case studies and perform individual or group work. The place of work is extremely demanding, and this programme requires significant personal commitment. It is intended for undergraduate students from all backgrounds.  

The first few years of the 5-year programme give students an opportunity to master the basics of managerial functions and to acquire an ethical perspective of business organisation. The aim is to provide a holistic learning experience, teaching “knowledge” and “interpersonal skills”, so that students learn to “do the right thing right”. Students are evaluated through ongoing assessment and exams at the end of each semester.  


Students complete two placements in year 1:

  • A one-month manual labour placement to give students an insight into repetitive, manual tasks.
  • A minimum two-month business placement, followed by a detailed placement report.

Structure and contents of the year of study

Semester 1

Core subjects
  • Formal, societal and rhetorical approaches, Research and organisation methodology, Written structure and plan, IT, Writing workshop

Semester 2

General studies subjects
  • Law, Geopolitics, Anthropology, Art, Culture and management, Personal branding, Basics of Christian culture

Semester 2

Professional subjects
  • Economics, Accounting, Quantitative management methodology, English, Spanish, Sales techniques, Student projec

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