Third Year +3

Year 3 of the 5-year course / Bachelor’s in Global Management

Degree in Operational Management, specialising in General Management, an RNCP level 2 qualification. Published in the Official Journal of the French Republic of 14 April 2012.


  • Lessons from Monday to Friday, from September to late April
  • This programme is intended for applicants who have taken the course from year 1 at EMD.  


Objectives of this year of study

  • Being a general, versatile manager
  • Learning to think and act correctly and “doing the right thing right”
  • Developing leadership to become an ethical decision-maker
  • Mastering operational management of a business unit or department.


Year 3: learning to decide

Year 3 is a chance to consolidate existing knowledge and work on practical decision-making skills, thereby preparing students for the challenges they will face in the world of business. All students complete a compulsory placement lasting for at least three months. The student and mentor agree on a specialist subject for the placement, based on the individual’s career plans (management, marketing, communication, finance, etc.).

Year 3 marks the end of the three-year first cycle under the European framework. Students will have successfully obtained 180 ECTS credits once they have completed an applied research dissertation and undergone an oral examination before a panel. Students who pass the entire year will be awarded a Bachelor's degree in Operational Management, an RNCP level 2 qualification, published in the Official Journal of the French Republic of 14 April 2012, with the global management option.


Decision-making”: learning to analyse uncertain contexts and develop strategies.rise de décision » : pour savoir appréhender un environnement en situation d’incertitude et élaborer des stratégies.

Corporate strategy”: learning to adapt and assess strategic aspects of organisational management.

Simulated business management”: learning to manage your organisation’s activity with your team more effectively.

A range of professional subjects are covered, including strategic marketing, communication, etc.

Structure and contents of the year of study

Semester 1

BGM year 3
  • Management control
  • Market research tools
  • Law
  • Psychology and human resource management
  • Corporate communication
  • Marketing 2
  • Spanish
  • Logistics
  • Negotiation
  • Geopolitics and intercultural management
  • Economics
  • Data analysis
  • Placement

Semester 2

BMG year 3 continued
  • Ethics
  • E-commerce
  • Direct marketing
  • Lean management
  • Research dissertation

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