Fifth Year +5

Master’s in Business Management, specialising in Management Control and Project Management

RNCP level 1 qualification. Decree of 16 April 2014 published in the Official Journal of the French Republic on 3 July 2014.


  • Lessons on Fridays and Saturdays every fortnight from October to September
  • This programme is intended for candidates who have completed 240 ECTS credits.  


Objectives of this year of study

  • Preparing for the responsibilities of a financial management role (CFO, management control, etc.)
  • Learning to think and act correctly and “doing the right thing right”
  • Developing leadership and strategic vision.


The “Business Management” programme, “Management Control and Project Management” option prepares future managers for strategic, senior roles within a wide range of organisations. EMD students are characterised as ethical, responsible, innovative and rigorous. At the end of this year, they will be able to analyse and identify new opportunities for their organisation or their customers, based on external and internal analyses.

The aim is to train people who understand corporate strategy and have an insight into the practical challenges that companies face. They will be able to recommend the right indicators (relevant and user-friendly) to senior managers and operational personnel (unit managers, foremen, etc.) alike.

At the end of the programme, students will need to achieve an English proficiency score equivalent to 750 points in the TOEIC test.

Structure and contents of the year of study

Programme overview

Analysis and decision-making methodology
  • Economic environment
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Organisational concepts (theory of the firm, socio-organisational approach, human and decision-making approach)
  • Information systems and organisation

Programme overview

Management control tools
  • Quantitative and qualitative performance analysis methods
  • Cost calculation tool
  • Budget management tool
  • Production management, project management and control
  • Financial management and accounting standards (in the English-speaking world)
  • Contract issues
  • Industrial relations issues

Programme overview

Management control in practice
  • Communication – theory and practice
  • Role play
  • Professional dissertation and workshops