Fifth Year +5

Master of Science in International Business Management

Dual-award degree: Master of science degree from St Mary's University Twickenham London and Master’s in “Business Management” from EMD (RNCP level 1 qualification). Decree of May 24th 2018 published in the Official Journal of the French Republic on May 24th 2018.

St Mary's is a Catholic University in Twickenham, London, and which seeks to educate the complete person. It's ambition is to develop a level of excellence in all areas (political, academic, sporting....) Its management programmes are designed to enable people to generate sustainable value in the world of business.  St Mary's promotes values of world-wide social responsibility according to recommandations of the UNGC - United Nations' Global Compact.

The university has a well-established reputation in the field of educational philosophy and practice and develops research, empirical and conceptual,  to further understanding of the role, dynamics and impact of organisations that develop sustainable value in the realms of business, society  and the environment.


A range of specialist subjects are available:

  • Managing for Sustainability in a Globalised Economy
  • International Finance Acouting
  • International Business Law 
  • Digital Business
  • International Marketing
  • Responsible Management and Leadership in a Global Economy...


  • This programme is open to candidates who have completed a Post-graduate Diploma at EMD and who have a solid grasp of English: 6,5 IELTS test passed.

Objectives of this year of study

  • Acquiring an insight into business in the English-speaking world at one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.
  • Becoming fluent in English.
  • Developing the leadership and strategic vision to become a decision-maker.