Fifth Year +5

Master’s in Business Management, specialising in International Management

Business Management, specialising in International Management, an RNCP level 1 qualification. Decree of 16 April 2014 published in the Official Journal of the French Republic on 3 July 2014.


  • Lessons on Fridays and Saturdays every fortnight from October to September
  • This programme is intended for candidates who have completed 240 ECTS credits.  


Objectives of this year of study

  • Preparing for the responsibilities of a wide range of international management roles
  • Learning to think and act correctly and “doing the right thing right”
  • Developing leadership and incorporating intercultural considerations into strategic vision.


The “Business Management, International Management option” programme prepares students for managerial roles in the international departments of corporations, foreign subsidiaries of French companies, etc. The aim of the programme is to give future decision-makers the managerial skills they require, and to develop an international vision of organisations and external markets.



The ultimate objective is to train managers with a holistic approach to their organisation, thereby enabling them to apply the knowledge they have acquired in a practical, appropriate and flexible manner.

The “International Management” speciality at EMD focuses on “intercultural management”, with content delivered by professionals from the sector.

At the end of the programme, students will need to achieve an English proficiency score equivalent to 750 points in the TOEIC test.

Structure and contents of the year of study

Programme overview

MI Management Unit
  • International Management
  • International entrepreneurial ethics
  • Innovation Management
MI Financial Department
  • Accounting and comparative auditing
  • International economics
  • International finance and risk management

Programme overview

MI Corporate Department
  • International marketing
  • International strategy
  • International human resource management
  • International contract and corporate law
Research dissertation
  • Research methodology
  • Dissertation workshops
  • Oral exam preparation