5-year course

Become an ethical and innovative decision-maker

The Full-Time degree programme up to Master’s level

A demanding, holistic approach to teaching and learning

A cross-cutting approach to ethics that places EMD students as innovative managers who take a human-centred approach to managerial decisions.

Delivered via a formal, 5-year programme, the Full-Time degree course leads to the award of the “Business Management” degree (RNCP level 1 qualification) or a dual-award degree and Master’s qualification awarded by a foreign partner university for those students opting for an international specialisation.

EMD’s programmes focus on three key teaching components. Below are some examples of the subjects covered:

Core subjects that seek to teach students to “think correctly” and turn them into insightful, responsible, independent and respectful professionals.

General studies subjects that aim to develop a more open-minded approach and give students a more holistic and targeted vision of the world.

Professional subjects that are designed to train business leaders who are experts in their field.

In today’s ever-changing economic environment, businesses are looking for managers who are able to go beyond the technical aspects of their role. Now, more than ever, they expect their employees to show not just knowledge, but also interpersonal skills. In response to this trend, EMD Management School has developed a robust and innovative programme that aims to give students the knowledge and skills they need to secure employment upon graduation.

Placements students

Placements students undertake a compulsory placement at each level of the programme, giving them an opportunity to gain professional experience and apply what they have learned in the classroom in a practical context. 

+1 First Year
+2 Second Year
+3 Third Year
+4 Fourth Year
+5 Fifth Year