General presentation of EMD


Committed, motivated teaching staff

All EMD teaching staff are experts in teaching and learning methodologies. As well as passing on their knowledge to students, EMD’s teachers are renowned for their commitment to sharing strong human values. The programme is delivered by a combination of permanent teaching staff and practising managers – something that makes it particularly attractive. All our teachers share our commitment to delivering a demanding, challenging programme combining traditional classroom learning and knowledge transfer through experience-sharing.

Guillaume ANSELIN Lecturer in Communication Strategy
Vincent AUBIN Professor of Anthropology
Marielle BABEAU Professor of Human Resources
Roland BONNEFOY Professor of Financial Analysis
Henri-Louis BOTTIN Professor of Law
Didier BROUAT Professor of E-commerce
Anais DURAND Professor of E-commerce
Véronique EBEL Theatrical Workshop Facilitator
Romy HIDREAU Professor of Intelligence Marketing
Pierre LAROMIGUIERE Lecturer in Search Ranking
Laurence LAURE Professor of Management Control
Jean-Pascal MEGRET-RENNER Professor of Economics
Roger MILLER Professor of Innovation Strategy
Théophile MONNIER Professor of Quantitative Management Techniques
Michael SHANKS Professor of Business Ethics
Bruno STEVENIN Lecturer in Training Policy
Pierrik TERRASSE Lecturer in Sales Techniques
Guillaume VIGOUROUX Associate Professor