Metro/bus network

Marseille has transport links via metro, tram, bus and boat. The network is extremely dense. Two metro lines run from one end of the city to the other, along with the various bus and tram links.Students enjoy concessionary fares. Marseille’s public transport authority (Régie de Transports de Marseille) has introduced a range of dedicated student fares:  :

ZOU ! 50/75%

Enjoy a 50% discount on all TER regional rail fares in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) region and a 75% discount on one journey of your choice.


How the offer works:

Enjoy a 50% discount on all TER regional rail fares in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) region and a 75% discount on one journey of your choice (journey to be defined when making your purchase). You receive a pack of 10 tickets, valid for 4 months from the date of purchase.

Format: This product is only available in electronic ticket form. You will need to apply for an electronic ticket card (personal, free chip card valid for 5 years) at any SNCF station ticket office in the PACA region.

You can then top up your card at ticket offices or at any regional travel ticket machine.


How do I get a card?

A- You already have an electronic ticket card (with the Optima label)

1. Present your card at the ticket office at the SNCF station of your choice 
2. The staff member will load the product onto your card for 12 months (valid from the 1st day of validity)

B- You do not yet have your electronic ticket card

1. You can get a copy of the electronic ticket application form either at the ticket office at an SNCF station, or by downloading it from our website (please print out all three pages of the form and take these to the station)

2. Take the completed electronic ticket application form to the ticket office at the SNCF station of your choice, along with the following identity documents: 

• For the electronic ticket card (identity documents stated on the electronic ticket application form)
- A recent colour passport photo (3.5 x 4.5 cm, front-facing, bare-headed with your full name written on the back)
- A copy of a valid identity document (national ID card, passport, driving licence, etc.) 

• To top up your ZOU ! 50/75% card 
- €15 for under 26s and €30 for those aged 26+ 

• While waiting for your ZOU ! electronic ticket card to be produced
- The member of staff will issue you with a temporary paper transport ticket stating your preferred journey for a 75% discount and the 50% discount on all other travel on TER services in the PACA region.  
- Once you have received your ZOU ! card, go back to an SNCF station with your temporary tickets, so that your discounts can be transferred to your new ZOU ! 50/75% card for the remainder of the year.



For your preferred journey:
For your preferred journey: The holder of the ZOU ! 50/75% electronic ticket card must validate the card before boarding the train. The ticket validation machines are generally situated at the end of the platform. 

For all other journeys (50% discount):
• You may purchase your ticket either at a regional travel ticket machine, or at the ticket office at the station of your choice (whether your ZOU ! 50/75% card is in paper or electronic ticket format)
• You must validate your ticket before boarding the train

If you have added several tickets to your ZOU ! electronic ticket card, all departing from the same station, you will need to select the correct journey when validating your ticket



- Under 26 and aged 26 or over
- €15 for under 26s 
- €30 for those aged 26 plus