Here at EMD, our programmes focus on the whole person. In other words, we aim to create a strong personality, guided by interpersonal skills and knowledge across a broad range of fields. This, in turn, helps our students to identify what is right.


Our school is managed by business leaders. Their objective is to place ethical values at the heart of the school’s teaching programmes.

Respect for others and a concern for the common good are important qualities in any effective manager, ensuring that leaders make ethically driven decisions guided by a sense of service and a determination to lead by example.

Students need to acquire the very best professional skills in order to meet the demands of the job market.However, it is their intrinsic qualities that will make them unique and meaningful contributors.


EMD’s programmes focus on three types of subject:

  • Core subjects that seek to teach students to “think correctly” and turn them into insightful, responsible, independent and respectful professionals.
  • General studies subjects that aim to develop a more open-minded approach and give students a more holistic and targeted vision of the world.
  • Professional subjects that are designed to train business leaders who are experts in their field.


In today’s ever-changing economic environment, businesses are looking for managers who are able to go beyond the technical aspects of their role. Now, more than ever, they expect their employees to show not just knowledge, but also interpersonal skills. In response to this trend, EMD Management School has developed a robust and innovative programme that aims to give students the knowledge and skills they need to secure employment upon graduation.

 Here at EMD, we define ethics as “doing the right thing right”.Students will learn the technical skills they need to understand the various roles within an organisation. But, more importantly, they will develop a strong ethical conscience. It is primarily a practical, human-centred discipline that focuses on developing two key components: conscience (recognising what is “right”) and virtue (learning to “do things right”).

EMD Management School is a higher education institution that offers degree programmes up to 5 years' in length. It is a non-profit organisation under the French Act of 1901. Its graduates receive RNCP recognised qualifications and all degrees are published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.


Strong employability

EMD students find it easy to obtain work once they have graduated. Not just that, they secure positions that reflect their career and personal plans. Some choose to move abroad or join major corporations in roles that involve significant mobility. What all our graduates have in common is a desire to apply and embody the human values that they have acquired at EMD throughout their career, and to establish reputations as ethical and responsible managers.

Our students give their time to charitable causes and associations, such as humanitarian projects and student-led projects in the fields of sport and culture. The school’s values foster group cohesion and give individuals an opportunity to express their personality.

Come and meet us and let’s talk about the future, placements or the year studying abroad... there’s so much going on at EMD!