A word from the CHAIRMAN

Jacques DE CHATEAUVIEUX CEO of Bourbon and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EMD

“EMD Management School has an audacious ambition: to train future managers in a holistic way, providing them with an ethical vision of people and their environment. EMD Management School students develop an open mind, are respectful of others and adopt a responsible work ethic.

EMD delivers programmes that seek to develop the whole person, helping to promote the growth of our employees and boost our businesses. This is why I strongly support the EMD project and invite you to play your own part in the EMD adventure.

We do more than just transmit values: we embody a new vision of the world of business.”

A word from the DIRECTOR

Xavier PALOU Director of EMD Management School

“It’s important to choose the right school, as this decision has an impact on our future career.

EMD Management School stands out in its quest for truth, its intellectually demanding approach and its focus on the individual. It has its roots in Christian values and in the belief that leadership – a resolutely human quality – is the basis of management.

Here at EMD, we work day in day out to develop a generous, open and friendly climate, offering the right conditions for considered reflection and top-quality teaching.

EMD’s ultimate goal is to give its students the tools they need to think and judge in a reasoned, practical and independent manner.”