EMD’s ambition: to train the open-minded, ethical and innovative leaders of the future!

Your son or daughter can look forward to an exciting career in which change is never more than a moment away. In all likelihood, he or she will enjoy a long, international and multi-faceted career.
Now, more than ever, it is therefore extremely important to ensure that your child gets the right education, is able to make informed life decisions, and can distinguish between good and bad.
EMD has developed a teaching and learning programme designed to teach your son or daughter to “think correctly”. The focus is firmly on knowledge acquisition through personal study and reflection in small-group sessions with highly qualified and motivated professors.
EMD firmly believes that general studies subjects are the best way to teach students to be flexible in response to future changes, and that core subjects will turn them into people with sound judgement. 
Students have regular personal mentoring sessions with a designated teacher, helping them to develop the values that you hold dear and build upon the important educational work you have done at home.

Every member of staff here at EMD is on hand to give your son or daughter the support and guidance they need, thereby guaranteeing them a successful future. 

Xavier Palou Director of EMD