Do you need to recruit an intern or recent graduate, or take on someone on a professional training contract?

The EMD JOB CENTRE is here to advise you!  

The JOB CENTRE is an internal recruitment firm for EMD students and alumni. It actively liaises between EMD and the business world, analysing the requirements of business leaders and submitting the details of students who potentially fit the bill. This service is a valuable time-saver for businesses and students alike: a win-win contract!

Choosing an EMD student is deciding to work with a responsible and innovative individual with training in Business Ethics. Our students are known for their work ethic and thirst for learning.

If you would like to submit a vacancy, organise a networking day with our students or attend an EMD forum, please contact the head of the JOB CENTRE, Mr de Clermont Tonnerre, at:



Need to organise a seminar or conference?

Then consider EMD!

The EMD lecture theatre is a stand-out venue. It can seat 430 people, is equipped with a sound and lighting control desk, and has sufficient facilities to accommodate events of all shapes and sizes.

Other rooms can also be made available (amphitheatres, 5th-floor terrace with panoramic view, etc.).The nearby Saint-Charles train station also makes getting here extremely easy.

Contact: +33 (0)4 91 26 00 20